Letter to Voters

Dear Voters,

My name is Lewis White. I am a native Texan and a proud citizen of Fort Bend County. I am an attorney, a husband, a father, a member of Second Baptist church and I am active in the Republican Party. I enjoy being a member of this community in many ways.

I am running for County Court at Law #6 because I am qualified for the position and ready to serve. As a voter, I know this is very important to you. There are many different courts in Fort Bend County. The county courts at law handle juvenile, criminal misdemeanor and civil cases, among others. My combined 15 years serving in the DA’s office, in private practice and as a special prosecutor are the experience required to be an effective judge on the bench.

My judicial philosophy is that it is not my job to make the law, but to “call balls and strikes” based on the law of the land. I have spent a great deal of time as a prosecutor and defense attorney in the county courts. I understand what is needed to ensure we have a fair and efficient court to meet the needs of Fort Bend County.

I have a great passion for young people, which is why I serve as a Keys Mentor with KISD and have a special interest in juvenile law. Juvenile cases will be a large part of the docket in Court #6. As Judge, I will balance a firm pursuit of justice with understanding when a young person may need a second chance.

I am committed to serving and being a firm, but fair judge. I ask for your vote to be elected Judge of County Court at Law #6.

Please take a moment to go to my Qualifications page for further information.


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Lewis White